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The difference between the credit and Maestro cards


Card is card? It’s not that simple, especially not in the banking area. Here the individual credit cards have quite different meanings and these meanings should ideally also be known. Many customers don’t even know what exactly the cards they have in their wallets can do. You sometimes get the cards with an account and use them without knowing the full range of options. Therefore, it is always an advantage to know what exactly the characters and numbers on the cards actually mean and how the individual cards differ.

When people talk about the MasterCard, most people think of a credit card offered by the banks. In fact, MasterCard Worldwide is one thing above all: a very large company that takes care of fast and effective payment transactions in the world and provides customers with the necessary cards. If you now look at your card and find a symbol labeled “Maestro” there, you may not necessarily know that it is an offer from the MasterCard company.


What is Maestro?

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Maestro is a system for payment in shops or on the Internet that is offered by MasterCard. The system can be used for example on EC cards. If a bank offers a card with the Maestro symbol, it pays money to the provider for both the card’s standards and the technologies. The main advantage of the system is that it offers secure and flexible payment. The cashless payment in retail but also on the Internet is an important part of everyday life for many people, which should not be underestimated. So that the card cannot be misused, there is a special PIN system that is processed in the cards. The legitimation when paying with the Maestro card can thus be a PIN or a signature. It depends on the business in which you pay. Which technology is used here can be very different.

The security features of the MaestroCard are

  • Installed chip with PIN feature
  • Full name of the card’s owner
  • The owner’s account number
  • The date of validity
  • Signature of the holder
  • Magnetic stripe with owner information


Credit card with Maestro sign

Credit card with Maestro sign

The fact that the Maestro symbol is not only found on the EC card but sometimes also on the credit card is astonishing. Anyone who is now unsettled does not need to be. Since this is only a technology, this symbol only indicates that the bank offers MasterCard credit cards. Credit cards also have the above-mentioned security features offered by Maestro.

Important: The Maestro logo is different on credit cards than on EC cards. That means Maestro is not directly on it. Instead, the lettering MasterCard is found in the Maestro logo. If you have a MasterCard with this logo, you have a credit card. On the other hand, if you hold a card in your hands with the “Maestro” logo on it, you have an EC card in your hand. There is no credit provided by the bank on the EC card as with the credit card.

The main difference between the two logos is that they are completely different cards. However, the security systems behind it are the same. A signature – and sometimes even a PIN – is also required for the credit card so that the card can be used. This is a special security feature of MasterCard offers.

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