Are Theater Props Bought Brand New?

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Theatre productions require a lot of investment and manpower to pull off. Even if you’re not mounting an original one, and you’re not hiring an orchestra to do the music, there are still a hundred and one things to spend on. These include actors, costume, stage props, directors, and so on.

The expenses begin with the rehearsals because everything needs to be ready by then. While the actors can do without the makeup, costume and props, they will need to be there in time for the actual performance. Such production design requires a lot of skill, creativity, and materials. To cut costs, the production team often source props from secondhand stores or generous individuals whenever they could. The real cost comes in period pieces where the props are hard to come by. These would really need to be crafted and created.

In cases where the settings and scenes are simple, a minimalist approach often works. The only exception is when the props are actually used by a person. For example, a wheelchair needs to be sturdy and fully functional if a cast member is going to use it. It can be a refurbished one if it’s purpose is just to sit on the corner of a hospital. The same goes with baby cribs and baby walkers. You need to get the best rated baby walkers, not necessarily brand new, if a real baby will be placed there during the production. This ensures that the baby is safe and secured during the play or musical.

Additionally, there’s also the issue of wear and tear. Some productions last for months or years at a time. Think West End or Broadway. Using props with inferior quality could be dangerous for the cast and crew, so this is something that should be considered. If your production will only run once or for a short period of time, you can save money by borrowing props, making them, or getting second hand items.

However, if the show will run for a long time, you may need to construct an almost permanent set with props and items of good quality since they will be used by the actors and staff.

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How Sophisticated is the AV Equipment in the Theatre?

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theatreWhen theaters first came along, nobody knew how much it would change in a century. While there has been vast improvements in picture and audio quality down the years, the trend today is now experiencing movies in a completely different way than before. Theaters are moving away from traditional audio and video equipment. Instead, the focus is on creating a more immersive experience for the viewer.

Today, theatre is about making use of technology in a big way. The innovations are being made use of both onstage as well as backstage as they need to compete with the technology which the user is used to in the digital space.

How has the Audio Visual Equipment Changed in Theatres?

Most productions and theaters now make use of video designers in a large way to help them with their theater productions. Theaters increasingly make use of virtual reality masks, computer animation and stop motion camera work. With hardware and software getting cheaper, even fringe theaters is able to utilize this.

The audio visual equipment used in 3D theaters is a lot different than before. The RealD 3D technology, which is used in theaters, use circular polarized light. This, when used with polarized glasses, makes the right and left eyes see different pictures creating better 3D effects.

Sound effects play a huge part in theatre as they help in unfolding of the story. They tell you about the action, and about how each of the events will unfold. They also help in manipulating composed or recorded audios. Most theaters, employ sound designers whose entire job revolves around this art of sound designing.

In movie theaters, MIDI and digital audio technology are used in a big way. Computerised theatre sound systems are also used in various plays and productions. Modern audio technology like the ones in can easily be integrated into live performances, which makes theaters offer a more immersive experience.

IMAX 3D uses larger screens and larger film sizes with Dolby Digital sound. Some other theatres use analog technologies, but that means that if the viewer doesn’t look straight at the screen, the 3D effects get lost. There are also digital projectors, LCD shutter glasses which are being used in today’s world.

Dolby 3D is another popular technology in use today, and uses polarized glasses which has multiple coatings and cut out specific frequencies of light. The lenses are curved which give better effects too.

How will AV Equipment change in the future?

With Virtual Reality coming in, it won’t be long enough before we have planetarium type shows taking over conventional movie theatres. When it comes to audio, these new theaters can be fitted with 64 speaker feeds which provide an amazing experience to the audience.

How good is the sound?

The EQ resolution is used for optimization for all types of playback content, and it is used even when the environment is acoustically challenged. The configurations provide I/O interfaces of the digital cinema and there is automatic calibration done so that the quality of playback is consistently at high quality.

These systems allow for individual amplification and equalization of surround speakers and also support bass management of subwoofers.

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Ten Things To Learn From the Royal Court Theatre Building Tour

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CdRWv9qWEAETZHFThe Royal Court Theatre is the leading national company in Britain that is dedicated to play the new works that are written by the innovative writers. Here are ten things that you can learn from the Royal Court Theatre @royalcourt building tour. Take a look at these below.

On closely observing the concrete walls, you can take a look at the wood grain from boxes that were employed as moulds for the blocks.The Royal Court Theatre was receiving a theatre and it is a producing theatre itself now.The Royal Court Theatre is the one and only theatre in the country that accepts spontaneous play scripts that are all read. In case you send your play script to any theatre such as the National Theatre, you will be asked to send your script to the Royal Court Theatre.

Royal Court Theatre as a theatre fosters the writing talent. Only the playwrights receive start billing and not of the actors do irrespective of who they are.Rehearsing for the play is done on site in a specific room that is created in the eaves of the Royal Court Theatre building. This region was earmarked for the officers originally. Now, even auditions are conducted on the site.The grilles of the Royal Court Theatre act a window decoration and this is found even in the stairwell that leads to the Jerwood Upstairs. These were originally the drains in the women’s loo.

RoyalcourttheatreThe trapdoor that we meant for the Jerwood Upstairs is accessed from the offices of the theatre that are located underneath. SActually, there is no stage at the Jerwood Downstairs. For each production, the boards are made and these give more flexibility to the theatre and a quicker turnaround between the different productions. For instance, for the Haunted Child set up, one could see cracks on the stage that revealed the large space below. This was a little bit frightening.

In the stalls at the Royal Court Theatre building, the very last row is called writer’s row as that where the playwrights will be seated and watch their plays that are performed during the preview. This way, they can make an immediate exit from the hall at the end of the play.The Jerwood Upstairs was meant for the private members club to move around the laws that approved the play scripts. Therefore, the scripts are edited and censored before they could actually be performed.

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The Day Of Theatre Tours

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dolby-Theatre-Guided-Tour-4-600x300Many people go on theatre tours and here is a content of two theatre tours based on design and one our by the chance. The Globe tour and exhibition and the National Theatre backstage tour are the two theatre tours that were done for the design. The New London Theatre is the one that was toured by chance.

The National tour is quite excellent. Along with an enthusiastic guide, one can spend around 80 minutes before going behind the scenes and getting a flavour of the work that goes on at the theatre. It is common to see the boards of the current productions and the upcoming ones as well.

In the set workshop at the theatre, the Cherry Orchard set and properties were spotted and the set model and the backdrops were painted for the One Man Two Guv’nors. James Corden and a few others were spotted in the rehearsal rooms but the shutters were brought down in order to obscure them from the view. As a part of the tour worth £7.50, one can also see a play that is perfumed on the stage at the time.

On the other hand, on The Globe Tour, that is more historical costs £11.50 and it lasts for just 40 minutes. It includes the exhibition on the Elizabethan and Jacobean theatre as well. The theatre is quite busy with large groups and tours that start every 15 minutes. There are times when the guides are competing with one another to be audible. A lot of tour groups that comprise of school kids and university students take this tour. The disadvantage is that such groups create a lot of noise and general crowding.

The Globe is quite an amazing achievement of both endeavour and determination. It is also unique and beautiful. The theatre tour is mildly interesting as well as informative. However, the fee for the tour seems to be too expensive.

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Take A Look At The Almeida Theatre Backstage Tour

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54055694dd0fLet us see the Almeida Theatre backstage tour in this content. Those who like backstage tours will definitely love the Almeida Theatre’s backstage tour. The highlight of the backstage tours is that you will get to see the parts of the theatre that you never get to see at the other times. There some tricks that have to be executed at the backstage to make the audience sitting in the hall watching the performance enjoy the show.

The green room as well as the dressing rooms of the theatre are the most impressive ones of the four rooms at the Almeida Theatre. There are many personal items, family photos, good luck cars, etc. at the backstage. You will get a bit of the life backstage before the performance, during the performance and after it as well. The green room has a futon bed for naps between the matinee and the evening performances. Also, there is a fridge with the favourite items of the performers.

The wardrobe department is also interesting. There are stacks of boxes that are labelled to avoid last minute confusion. There are stands with wigs drying in the corner, tumble dryers, washing machines and an industrial strength steam iron.

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