Most Exciting Theatre Casting News

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6a0133ec96767e970b01b8d19c7a0a970cWithin the first three months of this year, we have the most exciting theatre casting news already. Well, it is the cast of Andrew Garfield in Angles in America. The grin is that Garfield is one of the actors that many people love to see on stage. In fact, many people consider that he is one of the best actors of that generation. He has given many fantastic performances in his work that these cannot be mentioned individually. However, here are some highlights of his performance that cannot be missed.

First is a TV Drama, Kid A in which he played the role of Jack, who is trying to reconstruct his life after he is released from the prison for a crime that he committed when he was a child.

bb60a174-dcdd-45cb-9be4-412a6d6dd868The next one is Never Let Me Go, a film in which his character finds out he has been striving towards for thing one for almost years and it is a myth. He just screams revealing all his disappointment and hurt that will break the fans’ hearts.

The other work of Garfield that should not be missed is The Social Network. Also, 99 Homes should not be missed. The one thing that is worth mentioning is Spiderman that seemed to be the most human Spiderman forever. He gave the story a Spandex wearing comic book depth.

The fans of Andrew Garfield would surely be interested and excited to see him on the stage, but they have to wait. The Angles in America is not scheduled to start till next May.

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