Should Star Ratings Be Used Or Not?

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5-star-ratings-188-2_LRifiqQShould star ratings be used in the reviews is something that many people would be wrestling for a long time. When contributing reviews on any website, it is a common sight to star ratings that restrict the review to a number within five. People take a look at the star ratings to make a snap judgement. Sometimes, people do not read the review but just take a look at the ratings. With just a glance, a rating of three out of five means average or good based on the person. The star ratings say as much about the play as they can about the reviewer.

The star ratings are similar to a double edged sword, but a very useful marketing tool. If the star ratings help champion a great piece of fringe theatre, it has to be a good thing, consider many. This is an element of ego. Many people are leaving the star ratings when they write about plays.

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