The Day Of Theatre Tours

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dolby-Theatre-Guided-Tour-4-600x300Many people go on theatre tours and here is a content of two theatre tours based on design and one our by the chance. The Globe tour and exhibition and the National Theatre backstage tour are the two theatre tours that were done for the design. The New London Theatre is the one that was toured by chance.

The National tour is quite excellent. Along with an enthusiastic guide, one can spend around 80 minutes before going behind the scenes and getting a flavour of the work that goes on at the theatre. It is common to see the boards of the current productions and the upcoming ones as well.

In the set workshop at the theatre, the Cherry Orchard set and properties were spotted and the set model and the backdrops were painted for the One Man Two Guv’nors. James Corden and a few others were spotted in the rehearsal rooms but the shutters were brought down in order to obscure them from the view. As a part of the tour worth £7.50, one can also see a play that is perfumed on the stage at the time.

On the other hand, on The Globe Tour, that is more historical costs £11.50 and it lasts for just 40 minutes. It includes the exhibition on the Elizabethan and Jacobean theatre as well. The theatre is quite busy with large groups and tours that start every 15 minutes. There are times when the guides are competing with one another to be audible. A lot of tour groups that comprise of school kids and university students take this tour. The disadvantage is that such groups create a lot of noise and general crowding.

The Globe is quite an amazing achievement of both endeavour and determination. It is also unique and beautiful. The theatre tour is mildly interesting as well as informative. However, the fee for the tour seems to be too expensive.

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