Wishlist Of Actors To Perform On Stage

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the-oc-season-1-cast-foxMany people will like to see several actors playing on stage at the theatres. Here is a list of actors who might bring a lot of excitement among their fans if they perform on stage.

Paul Dano is no stranger to tread the boards on Broadway and it will be lovely to see him perform. Alicia Vikander has given a regular silver screen presence. In fact, she gave three different films in just a month. Her fans are longing to see her presence on the stage.

Domhnall Gleeson who started with Alicia Vikander in the Ex Machina last year made many people enjoy the performance and grew his career from playing small roles to major ones lately. He trod the boards in Broadway and Dublin and he is preferred to put up a comedy play on the stage.

Marion Cotillard is similar to Alicia Vikander in rendering an amazing screen presence. She has many fans and she put up a major show in the 2006’s La Vie En Rose. She played as Lady Macbeth along with Michael Fassbender on the big screen lately. She is expected to take up a classic stage role and bring the same performance as the screen on the stage.

Leonardo DiCaprio has proved his abilities on the big screen. Many of his fans wonder if he will translate the screen performance on the stage. It is quite a curiosity for his fans. He went through tough conditions for The Revenant, but is he really brave enough for a stage play?

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